AiroSport Vape Pen

Box Includes:

Cobalt Blue Polycarbonate AiroSport Battery

USB Charger


About AiroSport Vape Pen


The AiroSport Vaporizer gives you the same high-performance, specialized simplicity, and velvety potent draw that you love about the AiroPro, but with the added level of bright individuality and a feather-light feel. The AiroSport Vaporizer pairs seamlessly with the AiroPod Cartridges to give you the same Airo Brands’ oil you know and love. Keep moving fluidly and endlessly with the masterfully designed AiroSport in your back pocket. Whether you’re on the beach, in the mountains, or on your couch, know that your AiroSport will thrive. A lightweight and scratch-resistant polycarbonate body is designed to keep up with your active lifestyle. Simply connect any AiroPod cartridge to the AiroSport and you’re ready-to-go!

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Cobalt Blue, Electric Green, OG Indigo, Stone Gray, Sunburst Orange


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