Boost Evo

Moon White Boost EVO E-Rig


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About Boost Evo


The perfect dab is at your fingertips. Boost Evo’s patented temperature-controlled heating element cancels out loss or variance in flavor. It allows the unit to control the temperature and dial in your experience since the patented temperature control sensor is built directly into the heating element. The Temperature Control Sensor will give you a consistent experience every time you use your Evo™. The Boost Evo’s six heat settings have been calibrated with the help of customer feedback from tens of thousands of Boost users over the last few years. With a wide range of temperatures, the Evo™ has a heat setting for everyone. The Boost Evo™ has an extended battery life and push-to-start functionality. The standard quartz dish and glass bubbler are easily interchangeable and customizable. The RGB light system is easy to understand and settings can be personalized. The entire device is completely controlled through one button.


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